Scrapbook Style Yearbook Designs

Cut & Paste

If you like scrapbooking, you’ll love working with Memory Book Company’s Cut & Paste design program! You can use the very same techniques you use at home to create a fantastic, professional yearbook your students will cherish.

We’ll send you everything you need, including free layout sheets and tape so you can create your own yearbook themes and designs. You cut and paste candid photos, student artwork, clip art, borders, type, student names for photos, and anything else you want to include. Then send us the finished pages and we’ll scan and reproduce them exactly as you created them. The final product? A beautiful, top-quality yearbook you designed and put together with your own hands, just like a scrapbook.

You can either submit class photos on a CD or send us traditional photographic prints (not laser prints). That’s all there is to it!