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High School Yearbooks

High Schooler Enjoying His Yearbook

High School Yearbooks

At Memory Book Company, we know the day your high school yearbooks arrive is one of the highlights of the year. Students can’t wait to check out their photos, activities and achievements and share them with friends.

Whether you teach a yearbook class, advise a yearbook club or just enjoy being creative, Memory Book can help make the experience easy, stress-free and fun—really!

Easy-to-use Design Programs

What will make the process go smoothly? Choosing the design program that’s right for you. We offer five flexible, easy-to-use programs—Memory Book Online™, Cut & Paste, Digital Expert, Convenient, and Professional. Memory Book Online™ is popular with high schools, because it offers separate accounts for advisors and staff, hundreds of exciting templates and fonts, and great online sharing options to make designing pages a snap. With our cool cover choices (including free and personalized covers), unique binding options and amazing customer service, it’s easy to create beautiful, long-lasting yearbooks to fit any budget.

Great Customer Service and Technical Support

We know you work long hours, so our helpful technical support and customer service teams arrive early and stay late during peak season to answer questions and offer guidance. We also provide resources like webinars, design tips online and on Facebook, and email reminders about deadlines to keep your project on track.

Guaranteed On-Time Delivery

For more than 25 years, Memory Book Company has worked with teachers and students to create outstanding high school yearbooks. There are no hidden costs, and we guarantee exceptional quality printing and on-time delivery.

Get started today! We’ll send you a free production kit and free promotional materials to increase your sales. We even offer convenient online pay for parents. At Memory Book Company, we want your experience to be as stress-free as possible. Browse our samples, call a sales representative at 800-247-1526 or request a quote online.
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