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Yearbook Covers

Choosing the perfect cover for your school yearbook is exciting! Memory Book Company offers great options to help you select a yearbook cover design that truly reflects the character of your students and your school. You can choose a free standard cover or a personalized cover; you can create your own cover; or we can design a cover just for your school. The choice is yours!

Free Standard Yearbook Covers

We offer a great selection of free standard covers designed by our professional graphic artists, with a host of different (and cool!) options for elementary, middle and high schools. You can have your school name & school year imprinted on the cover at no extra cost if your cover is submitted before November 15th. Talk to your customer representative for details.

Personalize Any Standard Cover

All of our standard covers are also available for additional personalization. Add the student picture and student name to any cover you choose, and enhance your personalization with foil.

My Story Personalization

Tell the story of each student by choosing from several different personalization options. Choose from our list of covers that are available for My Story, and make your yearbooks stand out with unique personalization such as student icons, a candid picture and more.

Our Story

Choose from 3 pre-designed covers to create a masterpiece personalized to your school. Each student will receive the same yearbook cover featuring the school name and the pictures you have chosen.

You Design it!

Hold a yearbook cover contest, use a piece of artwork created by a student, or have multiple students make a collage. The possibilities are endless when you design your own cover! To gather ideas, check out covers some of our other customers have submitted.

MBC Design Studio

Do you have an idea for your yearbook cover but need a little help creating it? Professional graphic artists in the MBC Design Studio can design a special cover for you!
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